Welcome to our new Account Managers – Nathan and Mark

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We are excited to welcome two Account Managers to our team in a new initiative to deepen our connections with all of you – our valued clients.  

Nathan Wheeler and Mark Audley have recently come on board to help us build even stronger connections with our clients.  They are looking forward to working closely with you, learning about your business and how best to help you in the dynamic tech environment we operate in.

For many clients, navigating through the digital landscape can be challenging, particularly when you are launching new products or starting to use new IT systems. We are proud of the high level of technical expertise that our clients have always had access to through our exceptionally experienced staff.

For that reason, we have specifically selected Account Managers who have the expertise and high level technical capability to help you solve issues and find solutions for your business problems using your IT.

As Managing Director, Ben Steel said, “As the digital landscape changes, it’s important for us to keep up with the pace of change and having people on board our team with that technical knowledge and skill is key to be able to analyse problems and find solutions quickly.

“It also means that the customer experience for our client is amplified and not diminished as we head into this new technological chapter.”

So, who are Nathan and Mark? Here’s a quick rundown:

Nathan Wheeler is an experienced Technical Project Manager specialist with a background in IT and services industry. He has experience in leading, mentoring and building teams focused in customer service

Mark Audley is an expert Information and Communications Technology (ICT) professional with a background in change management, business improvement and project management with a strong focus on meeting customer needs and managing customer expectations.

Here, we provide some insights about our new Account Managing service and also chat with Nathan and Mark to find out what they value most about their clients, how they keep up with advances in technology and their interests.

Our new account managing system

We are taking our tech support to another level by bringing new, highly experienced Account Managers on board.

Your Account Manager will be responsible for ensuring we continue to provide IT solutions that are the most appropriate and supportive for your particular business needs.

Serving as the interface between our customer service and our sales team, the Account Managers are tasked with being your direct point of contact, meaning you will be able to reach out to them at any time for help or advice.

You will also receive:

  • Regular meetings
  • Frequent account reviews
  • Regular communication
  • Regular reporting

The diagram below shows how our new Account Managers fit in our overall operations as an integrated team to ensure our valued clients are receiving the best service and support.

An infographic showing how our new Account Managers fit in our overall operations as an integrated team to ensure our valued clients are receiving the best service and support

You can expect to meet with your new Account Managers soon.

We will be sending introductory emails over the coming weeks. The team will then follow up with a phone call to schedule a get-to-know-you meeting so they can start to understand your business in greater depth.  

Meet Nathan and Mark

Recently, our team sat down with Nathan and Mark to find out more about what customer service means to them, how they stay on top of technology changes and their passions in the tech world.

What does an exceptional customer experience mean to you?

“Providing additional value to a client that exceeds their expectations,” Nathan said. “Most commonly this can be identified by providing our clients with additional information above what they require. For example, we might show them an additional feature or functionality in a product or offer advice on an easier way to perform their work functions.

Mark echoed Nathan’s sentiments adding that the ultimate goal is for our clients to experience a full and complete resolution to their issues. 

What do you do to stay on top of technology changes?

Both Nathan and Mark explained the best way to stay on top of changes in technology was to have a curious mind through reading and asking questions.  As Mark said, he sees it as “playing like a child with technology, lost in the wonder”.

With regards to your work, what things are you passionate about?

“Helping people, both internal and external, and making a difference to their environments and lives,” Nathan said. “I’m passionate about growing my team members, helping people expand their knowledge and providing solutions by solving problems.”

For Mark his passions lie in business systems. “I’m passionate about the use of computers and applications as tools to reinforce business systems,” he said. “Computers and applications are simply tools to support people in doing their job and should be an enhancement not an impediment.”

If you have any questions, queries, comments or concerns please feel free to reach out to Envisage Technology.

We’d love to hear from you and any feedback you may have.

We make switching Easy!

Changing IT companies or systems can be a hassle. We’ll support you through the process, liaising with your existing IT partner and helping you source everything we need to hit the ground running. 

We will call you back within 4 business hours.
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