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Since 2014, we have provided extensive IT support to ensure systems and processes in medical practices remain healthy. We understand what it takes to run a successful medical practice and ensure that you are providing exceptional patient care, achieving clinical outcomes, and collaborating with a network of other services to deliver on this.

The biggest decision for any medical professional, when they go into private practice, is the choice of practice management software they will use. This will hold all your clinical notes, effectively collate information provided by referring GPs, Pathology results, and Radiology pictures.

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Supporting medical practices to protect patient data

The applications in the medical sector need to be even more secure and reliable than in other areas of the economy. They hold very personal information about individuals that is valuable to cyber criminals, and the loss of access to the information can impact the quality of care an individual receives when experiencing a medical need.

This need has resulted in extended development cycles for the application vendors, leaving the medical sector only beginning to get access to Cloud applications now.

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Create an intelligent cloud-based environment for your medical practice

The choice for medical practices is whether to invest in On-Premise hardware to host the applications or to partner with a cloud hosting provider. Envisage has the ability to support practices that take either road. However, we have built our reputation in this sector on being one of the first to create a cloud environment capable of reliably giving medical professionals access to the mobility, scalability, and reliability that other businesses were already enjoying, and then packaging it up into a simple monthly cost per user under our Securemed product.

We have experience in setting up environments for all the major, and some of the not so major practice management software; Genie Solutions, Best Practice, Shexie, Totalcare, Exact, VIP.Net, and STATHealth.

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Medical practice management software, tailored to you

Even if your practice decides to go with a cloud application like Clinic to Cloud or Gentu, then, Envisage is ready to ensure that your integrations, connectivity, network, phones, and hardware are set up correctly, and your team is supported throughout their day.

In working closely with the medical sector, we have built our support solutions around the unique needs of these critical members of the community. We know that doctors are booked up for most of their day and can’t build models of leveraged labour like an accounting or legal firm, they need to be seeing patients to be in business. This means that they are dealing with their administration and needing support in either 15 minutes between patients or in extended hours beyond the normal workday.

Contact us today to receive an audit and consultation concerning your medical IT environment. We will examine whether your systems and applications are reliable, secure, and properly aligned with your practice.

The right technology to support revenue cycle management

In the healthcare sector, revenue cycle management is essential to ensure financial stability and optimise the cash flow in your organisation. That’s why it’s so important to have the right technology in place to support your revenue cycle management. Our team has the tools and the expertise to streamline your revenue cycle processes, increase efficiencies, and reduce costs in your practice. 


We’ll work with you to assess your specific needs, implement customised solutions, and help you create modern processes that make the most of your technology.

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Improved cybersecurity and protection for your patient records

Give your team and patients the peace of mind they deserve for their private data and information. Our tailored cybersecurity and managed services for patient management software and healthcare practices support you in protecting sensitive data while unlocking serious benefits in productivity and processes.

Prescribe Practice Management

Prescribe Practice Management is a medical practice management company providing virtual support to specialists in private practice Australia-wide.

Envisage always provides a level of service to our clients that aligns with our own values and expectations and I feel confident in recommending them.

Our medical IT support frequently asked questions

Do you have a question about our medical IT support? Take a look below at our frequently asked questions.

Our team offers a host of different IT support services to medical practices across managed services, cyber security, data analytics, vCIO, and cloud computing. 

Each of our services is tailored to the medical sector and helps to establish your medical practice as a trusted and reliable organisation.

Patients want to know their personal and private data is protected through compliant privacy measures. Our fully-compliant, purpose-built software and experienced IT management solutions offer next-level benefits to medical practices.

Yes, our team is highly experienced in supporting the medical sector with its highly specific requirements around technology advancements and IT management. We’re able to customise solutions to help your medical practice and healthcare professionals meet your compliance requirements and create streamlined solutions for how you manage your practice and electronic medical records.

We understand the importance of ensuring the confidentiality and security of patient information. We help you achieve this by implementing various measures and best-practice IT solutions that protect patient data from unauthorised access, theft, and all sorts of cyber threats.

Our team is experienced in supporting the healthcare industry to meet its relevant regulations and guidelines through customised IT solutions. With industry-leading security technologies, such as encryption, firewalls, and intrusion detection systems, we’re able to support you in protecting your patients’ private data. 

As well as that, we regularly conduct vulnerability assessments and penetration testing to identify and address any potential gaps within your IT security.

You’ll have one single point of contact when you partner with Envisage IT. It’s how we offer you quick, efficient responses to your IT requirements and issues. 

We know that, especially in the healthcare industry, when you have a technical issue, you need it rectified ASAP. Your dedicated point of contact will be able to get your problem resolved within four business hours.

Having reliable and secure IT systems in your medical facility is so important. Partnering with the IT experts at Envisage IT can help you create smarter and more secure IT systems and platforms for your medical practice. It’s so important that you and your team understand how these systems work, though. Your team should have the ability to troubleshoot your online practice management software and medical technology, should you face any issues. 

Our team can train yours on the basics to help you navigate these different software solutions, helping you become less reliant on us. If you do have a tricky situation come up, though, we’ll always be here to help you get unstuck.

Yes, we sure can. It’s how we keep your medical technology and practice management software in good condition and working effectively. 

We take a proactive approach to keeping your technology in good shape through intelligent IT processes and keeping your software up to date.

We’re able to handle either on-site or cloud-based solutions for your medical practice with in-person or remote IT support available. 

If you’re setting up new IT systems or technology, we would always recommend you opt for cloud-based solutions. These allow us to support you remotely and sooner, and offer a range of benefits over physical infrastructure. 

Cloud computing offers greater scalability and flexibility, improved cost savings, and much more advanced security. These are excellent perks for your data protection and general cybersecurity.

Your team will benefit, too, with improved collaboration and increased productivity. 

So, there are some awesome, long-term benefits of cloud computing that make us recommend it time and time again. 

There are some amazing short-term benefits, too, though. You can get started almost immediately, without the need for infrastructure to be installed on-site, and transferring your team over to a cloud computing system is simple.

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We make switching Easy!

Changing IT companies or systems can be a hassle. We’ll support you through the process, liaising with your existing IT partner and helping you source everything we need to hit the ground running. 

We will call you back within 4 business hours.
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