Unique and complex IT needs

Envisage understands education providers have unique and complex IT and data management needs, with integrated solutions needed to meet the various requirements of teachers, students, visitors and administrators. 

To ensure effective teaching and learning environments, Envisage recognises educators need reliable, high-performance IT systems capable of running multiple software programs concurrently with secure, high capacity storage. 

Educators often provide or specify devices such as laptops for teachers and students, and therefore need advice on the most suited hardware solutions and applications, with scale of economy and support to implement.

Working with in-house IT specialists, Envisage provides the IT capability and security they need, along with highly responsive in-person and remote IT support. 

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We also provide educators with a timely response to service requests, including scaling-up and setting up new IT systems as schools are established or expand.  We also assist during the beginning of semesters as new student and teacher cohorts are onboarded into the school’s IT system.

Envisage provides and manages secure cloud data storage for our education clients, to ensure there is always sufficient and secure storage, and to reduce reliance and associated expense of in-house hardware and servers. 

Envisage understands administrators, teachers and students need access to their systems and data after hours, and we also ensure there is ongoing connectivity and support. 

If your school or campus requires reliable, value for money, high-performance IT systems, please book your free Envisage check-up.

We make switching Easy!

Changing IT companies or systems can be a hassle. We’ll support you through the process, liaising with your existing IT partner and helping you source everything we need to hit the ground running. 

We will call you back within 4 business hours.
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