Disaster Recovery

We are focussed on ensuring your services are working and available

Based on a range of known factors that could bring your systems down. 

From time to time there will be a factor outside of this range that will result in your system coming down – whether it is the physical impact of a fire at your premises, or an unpreventable zero-day attack on your network.

Planning to mitigate the impact of such an event on your business is a critical component of our managed services. Disaster recovery is, to some degree, an insurance premium. As with all insurances you must weigh the ongoing cost with your understanding of the likelihood of needing it, and the severity of the impact in that situation.

IT technician repairing a computer
Five office employees working simultaneously at their computers

Right balance

Envisage help you understand the balance that is right for your business. For example, having a spare laptop on hand for every staff member and an office lease at a second location held empty is unlikely to be the right balance for most organisations.

But it could be if there is a significant cost to downtime through either lost revenue or contract breaches.


When it comes to backups the question is really, how much work you can afford to lose, how quickly do you need it back, and how long you want to store it for.

The more work you can afford to lose, the less frequently the backup system needs to copy data, reducing the computing load and amount of bandwidth it consumes to move the data offsite. The longer you can go without it being available again, the cheaper the cost of storage.

Similarly, if you only want to hold 30 days’ worth of backups it will take up significantly less storage space than if you want to retain 12 months of data.

Envisage have a variety of solutions across whether it’s with our cloud products or your on-premises server, giving you the power to decide what you want to back up.

Two IT technicians checking data backup progress

We make switching Easy!

Changing IT companies or systems can be a hassle. We’ll support you through the process, liaising with your existing IT partner and helping you source everything we need to hit the ground running. 

We will call you back within 4 business hours.
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