IT capability & high-security

Envisage understands that property firms need reliable, high-performance IT systems capable of running multiple software programs concurrently with secure, high-capacity storage. 

As these organisations can have large property portfolios and new projects to focus on, they rely on specialist IT advice and support. Envisage provides our property clients with the IT capability and security they need, along with highly responsive in-person and remote IT support. 

Property firms also rely on our timely response to service requests, including scaling-up and setting up new IT systems with project offices, including for their tenants.

Download our Capability Statement for more information.

We provide and manage secure cloud data storage for our property clients, to ensure there is always sufficient and secure storage, and to reduce reliance and associated expense of in-house hardware and servers. 

As property services become more mobile, we also ensure our clients have access to their systems and data wherever they are working. As more staff work from home, we also ensure there is ongoing connectivity and support. 

Our property clients achieve high productivity within ongoing connectivity and access to systems.

If your property business requires reliable, value for money, high-performance IT systems, please book your free Envisage check-up now.

We make switching Easy!

Changing IT companies or systems can be a hassle. We’ll support you through the process, liaising with your existing IT partner and helping you source everything we need to hit the ground running. 

We will call you back within 4 business hours.