Cyber Security Training

Human error is the number one cause of data breaches. The individuals and groups who are trying to access your data are continually improving the way they target your organisation and are particularly effective at more sophisticated targeting of the people in your team. Ensuring your team are not only trained on what to look for, but that this training is continually being refreshed is a critical part of your risk management.

Envisage has investigated the options available and have partnered with InfoSec to provide a programme of training and testing to our clients that can be configured for the needs of your team and their roles. We can manage the delivery of small pieces of training content that keeps cyber security top of mind and stays up-to-date with the latest trends.

We then can test the effectiveness of our training by running simulations that replicate a Phishing attack and report back to you about how your team has performed in identifying the attack.

Person teaching a student how to code and develop programs

Some of the tools we use to ensure your systems are protected from a cyber attack include:

Educating and engaging your workforce

Inspiring better cybersecurity habits

Reducing security incidents

Building a culture of security

We make switching Easy!

Changing IT companies or systems can be a hassle. We’ll support you through the process, liaising with your existing IT partner and helping you source everything we need to hit the ground running. 

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