David Dong

David Dong

Service Desk Technician

David is highly skilled in telecommunications IT including SIP, VOIP and internet connectivity, and holds a B. Information Technology, Cert 3 in Telecommunications, and is certified as a 3CX Advanced Engineer, Protégé GX Installer, ITGlue and Kaseya VSA.

He is passionate about building better systems of work that support his clients, and helping to integrate and automate systems and processes that support the unification of communication both within Envisage and for all the clients under its portfolio.

David appreciates working with clients who are forward-thinking when it comes to embracing new technologies or building on existing infrastructure to leverage opportunities. He supports this body of work by undertaking regular research across industry, subscribing to vendor newsletters, and discussing changing technologies with other technicians.


  • B. Information Technology
  • Cert 3 in Telecommunications
  • 3CX Advanced Engineer, Protégé GX Installer, ITGlue and Kaseya VSA


His work keyboard is a legacy item from the 80s (a UNICOMP Model M) which works off the original buckling spring and features custom GMMK TKL in cherry MX green and with GMMK Panda switches.

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