Aaron Van Moorsel

Aaron Van Moorsel

Customer Success Manager

Aaron is a deeply respected member of the Envisage team with his easy-going and conversational nature allowing him to develop a strong cache of relationships across industry.

The Service Desk Technician adopts a true ‘customer-first’ mentality and prides himself on delivering a consistently high level of service to clients. Aaron says his ability to build rapport with people has led him to achieving strong IT outcomes that have optimised the service delivery of his clients.

Aaron’s long history of customer service is elevated by his credentials in IT and says his ability to troubleshoot makes each client issue a worthy challenge and opportunity to discover better processes and systems that makes their lives easier.


A Filco Ninja is his proud keyboard of choice which was gifted to him by Daniel Nunns. The Ninja lives up to its name by concealing the letters on the shoulder of each key.

Aaron Van Moorsel

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