Alexander Phelan

Alexander Phelan

Service Delivery Team Leader

Alex is passionate about working with well-designed technologies and dislikes wasting time or resources. He enjoys solving problems instead of using band-aid solutions as well as coming up with innovative solutions.

Alex believes every day is a new opportunity to do great things and clients are what push us to the limits and drive improvements. As he says, “Without the clients we wouldn’t have a business”.

Always trying to work smarter than harder, Alex is patient, persistent, empathetic and persistently improves and automates processes. He has many years of experience in team leadership, project management and staff training.

To stay on top of technology changes, Alex tinkers with new technologies in his spare time and will research new solutions if he is not satisfied with the known solutions.


  • Diploma of Information Technology (Networking)


Alex aims to own a house in the next year and wants to travel and see more of the world.

His keyboard of choice is the Keychron K10. It is a high-end mechanical keyboard that feels great to use and has awesome RGB effects. All keys and switches are replaceable.

Alex Phelan

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