Mark Audley

Mark Audley

Product Manager

Mark is an experienced product manager skilled in computer technology fundamentals, including hardware, software and connectivity as well as business fundamentals, including how businesses operate and grow. 

He is passionate about the use of computers and applications as tools to reinforce business systems. Mark believes computers and applications exist to support people in doing their job and should be an enhancement not an impediment.

He is an optimist who believes almost anything is possible. Mark enjoys figuring out how to make the “impossible” possible and uses this to empower others, whether they be clients or team-mates.

One of his professional goals is to have his team be the best they can be. And one of his personal goals is the same for himself.


Finding something to do that will make a difference to the world is what gets Mark out of bed each day. While reading and asking questions is his answer to staying on top of technological changes. At every opportunity he tries to understand why technology works to allow him to understand how it works.

His keyboard of choice is the Logitech wireless keyboard. While there’s nothing unique about the keyboard and it was on his desk when he arrived at Envisage, Mark says it shows he can take the tools provided and use them to create the best possible business result.

Mark Audley

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